Jul 05, 1989 (en) Comedy [22] Min
  • First Air Date
    Jul 05, 1989
  • Production
    Castle Rock Entertainment, West/Shapiro Productions, Fred Barron Productions, Giggling Goose Productions
  • Rotten tomato
  • Original title
  • Release
    Jul 05, 1989
  • en

A show about nothing.


A stand-up comedian and his three offbeat friends weather the pitfalls and payoffs of life in New York City in the '90s. It's a show about nothing.

  1. Music Supervisor

  2. Tim Kaiser, Carol Leifer, Nancy Sprow, Gregg Kavet, Andy Ackerman, Jennifer Crittenden, David Mandel, Tom Gammill, Elaine Pope, Steve Koren, Larry Charles, Suzy Mamann Greenberg, Tom Cherones, Andy Robin, Spike Feresten, Marjorie Gross, Peter Mehlman, Joan Van Horn, Max Pross


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  1. Jerry Seinfeld

    Jerry Seinfeld

  2. Jason Alexander

    George Costanza

  3. Michael Richards

    Cosmo Kramer

  4. Julia Louis-Dreyfus

    Elaine Benes

Full Casts & Crew

Casts : 4 / Crews : 27

Specials ( 1990-06-28)

Good News Bad News (Alternative Pilot Version)

Episode: 1

How It Began (Documentary)

Episode: 2

Camera Test (Easter Egg)

Episode: 3

Inside Looks (on The Pilot)

Episode: 5

Inside Looks (on Male-Unbonding)

Episode: 6

Inside Looks (on The Stake Out)

Episode: 7

Inside Looks (on The Robbery)

Episode: 8

"In the Vault" (Male-Unbonding Deleted Scene)

Episode: 9

"Master of His Domain" (Exclusive Stand-Up Material)

Episode: 11

Inside Looks (on The Pony Remark)

Episode: 13

Inside Looks (on The Busboy)

Episode: 14

Inside Looks (on The Baby Shower)

Episode: 15

Inside Looks (on The Jacket)

Episode: 16

"In the Vault" (The Ex-Girlfriend Deleted Scenes)

Episode: 18

"In the Vault" (The Jacket Deleted Scenes)

Episode: 19

"Not That There's Anything Wrong With That" (Bloopers)

Episode: 20

Inside Looks (on The Chinese Restaurant)

Episode: 22

Inside Looks (on The Phone Message)

Episode: 23

Inside Looks (on The Apartment)

Episode: 24

Inside Looks (on The Statue)

Episode: 25

Inside Looks (on The Bet) (Easter Egg)

Episode: 26

"In the Vault" (The Chinese Restaurant Deleted Scene)

Episode: 27

"The Tonight Show" TV Appearances

Episode: 28

NBC Promos & Trailers

Episode: 29

Season 2 Photo Gallery

Episode: 30

Inside Looks (on The Revenge)

Episode: 40

Inside Looks (on The Deal)

Episode: 41

"In the Vault" (The Heart Attack Deleted Scenes)

Episode: 42

Inside Looks (on The Note)

Episode: 46

Inside Looks (on The Library)

Episode: 47

Inside Looks (on The Pen)

Episode: 48

"In the Vault" (The Note Deleted Scenes)

Episode: 50

"In the Vault" (The Dog Deleted Scenes)

Episode: 51

Inside Looks (on The Parking Garage)

Episode: 53

Inside Looks (on The Café)

Episode: 54

Inside Looks (on The Nose Job)

Episode: 55

"In the Vault" (The Parking Garage Deleted Scene)

Episode: 57

"In the Vault" (The Nose Job Deleted Scene)

Episode: 58

"In the Vault" (The Alternate Side Deleted Scene)

Episode: 59

Inside Looks (on The Red Dot)

Episode: 61

Inside Looks (on The Suicide)

Episode: 62

Inside Looks (on The Subway)

Episode: 63

Inside Looks (on The Pez Dispenser)

Episode: 64

Inside Looks (on The Boyfriend)

Episode: 65

"In the Vault" (The Red Dot Deleted Scene)

Episode: 67

"In the Vault" (The Boyfriend Deleted Scene)

Episode: 68

Kramer vs. Kramer: Kenny to Cosmo

Episode: 70

"Not That There's Anything Wrong With That" (Bloopers)

Episode: 71

"Master of His Domain" (Exclusive Stand-Up Material)

Episode: 72

"Sponsored by Vandelay Industries" (NBC promos)

Episode: 73

Inside Looks (on The Fix-Up)

Episode: 76

Inside Looks (on The Limo)

Episode: 77

Inside Looks (on The Good Samaritan)

Episode: 78

Inside Looks (on The Letter)

Episode: 79

Inside Looks (on The Parking Space)

Episode: 80

Inside Looks (on The Keys)

Episode: 81

"In the Vault" (The Fix-Up Deleted Scene)

Episode: 83

"In the Vault" (The Good Samaritan Deleted Scene)

Episode: 84

"In the Vault" (The Letter Deleted Scene)

Episode: 85

Inside Looks (on The Trip Part 1)

Episode: 87

Inside Looks (on The Pitch/The Ticket)

Episode: 88

"In the Vault" (The Trip Part 1 Deleted Scene)

Episode: 90

"In the Vault" (The Wallet Deleted Scene)

Episode: 91

The Breakthrough Season

Episode: 92

Regis & Kathie Lee Parody

Episode: 93

Happy Birthday! (Easter Egg)

Episode: 94

Inside Looks (on The Bubble Boy)

Episode: 96

Inside Looks (on The Cheever Letters)

Episode: 97

Inside Looks (on The Opera)

Episode: 98

Inside Looks (on The Contest)

Episode: 99

Mad About You - The Apartment Crossover

Episode: 100

"In the Vault" (The Cheever Letters Deleted Scene)

Episode: 101

"In the Vault" (The Opera Deleted Scene)

Episode: 102

"In the Vault" (The Virgin Deleted Scene)

Episode: 103

"In the Vault" (The Contest Deleted Scene)

Episode: 104

"Not That There's Anything Wrong With That" (Bloopers)

Episode: 105

"Master of His Domain" (Exclusive Stand-Up Material)

Episode: 106

Inside Looks (on The Airport)

Episode: 111

Inside Looks (on The Pick)

Episode: 112

Inside Looks (on The Visa)

Episode: 113

Inside Looks (on The Outing)

Episode: 114

Photo Gallery

Episode: 115

"In the Vault" (The Airport Deleted Scene)

Episode: 116

"In the Vault" (The Airport Alternate Ending)

Episode: 117

"In the Vault" (The Pick Deleted Scenes)

Episode: 118

"In the Vault" (The Movie Deleted Scenes)

Episode: 119

"In the Vault" (The Outing Deleted Scenes)

Episode: 120

"Sponsored by Vandelay Industries"

Episode: 121

Much Ado About Nothing (Easter Egg)

Episode: 122

1992 Olympic Promos

Episode: 123

Inside Looks (on The Old Man)

Episode: 124

Inside Looks (on The Implant)

Episode: 125

Inside Looks (on The Handicap Spot)

Episode: 126

Inside Looks (on The Junior Mint)

Episode: 127

Inside Looks (on The Smelly Car)

Episode: 128

"In the Vault" (The Old Man Deleted Scenes)

Episode: 130

"In the Vault" (The Old Man Alternate Ending)

Episode: 131

"In the Vault" (The Junior Mint Deleted Scene)

Episode: 132

The Handicap Spot (Original Version)

Episode: 134

Ocean Raft (Easter Egg)

Episode: 135

Inside Looks (on The Mango)

Episode: 137

Inside Looks (on The Glasses)

Episode: 138

Inside Looks (on The Puffy Shirt)

Episode: 139

Inside Looks (on The Sniffing Accountant)

Episode: 140

"In the Vault" (The Mango Deleted Scene)

Episode: 142

"In the Vault" (The Glasses Deleted Scenes)

Episode: 143

"In the Vault" (The Puffy Shirt Deleted Scenes)

Episode: 144

Jason + Larry = George

Episode: 145

Inside Looks (on The Lip Reader)

Episode: 148

Inside Looks (on The Non-Fat Yogurt)

Episode: 149

Inside Looks (on The Barber)

Episode: 150

The Non-Fat Yogurt Deleted Scenes

Episode: 151

"Master of His Domain" (Exclusive Stand-Up Material)

Episode: 152

Inside Looks (on The Conversion)

Episode: 155

Inside Looks (on The Stall)

Episode: 156

Inside Looks (on The Marine Biologist)

Episode: 157

Inside Looks (on The Pie)

Episode: 158

Inside Looks (on The Stand-In)

Episode: 159

"In the Vault" (The Conversion Deleted Scenes)

Episode: 161

"In the Vault" (The Stall Deleted Scene)

Episode: 162

"In the Vault" (The Marine Biologist Deleted Scenes)

Episode: 163

"In the Vault" (The Pie Deleted Scenes)

Episode: 164

The Pie Deleted Scene (Easter Egg)

Episode: 165

1994 Northridge Earthquake (Easter Egg)

Episode: 166

"Not That There's Anything Wrong With That" (Bloopers)

Episode: 167

Inside Looks (on The Fire)

Episode: 169

Inside Looks (on The Raincoats)

Episode: 170

Inside Looks (on The Hamptons)

Episode: 171

Inside Looks (on The Opposite)

Episode: 172

"In the Vault" (The Fire Deleted Scenes)

Episode: 174

"In the Vault" (The Raincoats Deleted Scene)

Episode: 175

"In the Vault" (The Opposite Deleted Scenes)

Episode: 176

Ugly Baby (Easter Egg)

Episode: 177

Running With the Egg: Making a Seinfeld (Play Parts 1 & 2)

Episode: 178

Running With the Egg: Making a Seinfeld (Part 1)

Episode: 179

Running With the Egg: Making a Seinfeld (Part 2)

Episode: 180

Inside Looks (on The Chaperone)

Episode: 182

Inside Looks (on The Big Salad)

Episode: 183

Inside Looks (on The Pledge Drive)

Episode: 184

Inside Looks (on The Couch)

Episode: 185

"In the Vault" (The Chaperone Deleted Scene)

Episode: 187

"In the Vault" (The Big Salad Deleted Scene)

Episode: 188

"In the Vault" (The Pledge Drive Deleted Scenes)

Episode: 189

"In the Vault" (The Chinese Woman Deleted Scenes)

Episode: 190

"In the Vault" (The Couch Deleted Scenes)

Episode: 191

"In the Vault" (The Gymnast Deleted Scenes)

Episode: 192

Rob Reiner Tribute (Easter Egg)

Episode: 193

Sein-imation Character Design Concept Sketches (Easter Egg)

Episode: 194

Sein-imation "The Big Race"

Episode: 195

"Not That There's Anything Wrong With That" (Bloopers)

Episode: 196

Inside Looks (on The Mom & Pop Store)

Episode: 198

Inside Looks (on The Soup)

Episode: 199

Inside Looks (on The Switch)

Episode: 200

Inside Looks (on The Race)

Episode: 201

Inside Looks (on The Label Maker)

Episode: 202

"In the Vault" (The Mom & Pop Store Deleted Scene)

Episode: 204

"In the Vault" (The Soup Deleted Scenes)

Episode: 205

"In the Vault" (The Switch Deleted Scenes)

Episode: 206

"In the Vault" (The Race Deleted Scenes)

Episode: 207

"In the Vault" (The Label Maker Deleted Scene)

Episode: 208

Jerry Seinfeld Little Things On The Show (Easter Egg)

Episode: 209

Sein-imation "Seinfeld Noir"

Episode: 210

"Master of His Domain" (Exclusive Stand-Up Material)

Episode: 211

Inside Looks (on The Kiss Hello)

Episode: 213

Inside Looks (on The Doorman)

Episode: 214

"In the Vault" (The Scofflaw Deleted Scene)

Episode: 216

"In the Vault" (The Beard Deleted Scene)

Episode: 217

"In the Vault" (The Doorman Deleted Scenes)

Episode: 218

Jerry Seinfeld Dark Side (Easter Egg)

Episode: 220

Sein-imation "Kramer vs. The Monkey"

Episode: 221

Inside Looks (on The Jimmy)

Episode: 223

Inside Looks (on The Fusilli Jerry)

Episode: 224

Inside Looks (on The Diplomat's Club)

Episode: 225

Inside Looks (on The Face Painter)

Episode: 226

Inside Looks (on The Understudy)

Episode: 227

"In the Vault" (The Jimmy Deleted Scenes)

Episode: 229

"In the Vault" (The Doodle Deleted Scene)

Episode: 230

"In the Vault" (The Diplomat's Club Deleted Scene)

Episode: 231

"In the Vault" (The Face Painter Deleted Scene)

Episode: 232

"In the Vault" (The Understudy Deleted Scenes)

Episode: 233

Jerry Seinfeld Pain Caused On The Show (Easter Egg)

Episode: 234

Sein-imation "Dr. Cosmo on Marriage & Family"

Episode: 235

Inside Looks (on The Engagement)

Episode: 237

Inside Looks (on The Maestro)

Episode: 238

Inside Looks (on The Soup Nazi)

Episode: 239

"In the Vault" (The Engagement Deleted Scene)

Episode: 241

"In the Vault" (The Hot Tub Deleted Scenes)

Episode: 242

The Engagement Deleted Scene (Easter Egg)

Episode: 243

Sein-imation "George & The Whale"

Episode: 244

Inside Looks (on The Secret Code)

Episode: 246

Inside Looks (on The Pool Guy)

Episode: 247

Inside Looks (on The Gum)

Episode: 248

Inside Looks (on The Rye)

Episode: 249

Inside Looks (on The Caddy)

Episode: 250

"In the Vault" (The Rye Deleted Scene)

Episode: 252

"In the Vault" (The Caddy Deleted Scene)

Episode: 253

Hey, Aren't You... (Easter Egg)

Episode: 254

Inside Looks (on The Cadillac (Parts 1 & 2))

Episode: 256

Inside Looks (on The Friars Club)

Episode: 257

"In the Vault" (The Seven Deleted Scene)

Episode: 259

"In the Vault" (The Doll Deleted Scene)

Episode: 260

"In the Vault" (The Friars Club Deleted Scenes)

Episode: 261

'In the Vault' (The Friars Club Alternate Ending)

Episode: 262

Queen of the Castle: The Elaine Benes Story

Episode: 263

Larry David's Farewell

Episode: 264

Where's Larry? Seinfeld's Secret Guest Star

Episode: 265

"Master of His Domain" (Exclusive Stand-Up Material)

Episode: 266

"Not That There's Anything Wrong With That" (Bloopers)

Episode: 267

Inside Looks (on The Wig Master)

Episode: 269

Inside Looks (on The Calzone)

Episode: 270

Inside Looks (on The Bottle Deposit (Parts 1 & 2))

Episode: 271

Inside Looks (on The Invitations)

Episode: 272

"In the Vault" (The Wig Master Deleted Scenes)

Episode: 274

"In the Vault" (The Invitations Deleted Scenes)

Episode: 275

Jerry Seinfeld: Submarine Captain (Documentary)

Episode: 276

Inside Looks (on The Foundation)

Episode: 278

Inside Looks (on The Bizarro Jerry)

Episode: 279

Inside Looks (on The Little Kicks)

Episode: 280

"In the Vault" (The Foundation Deleted Scene)

Episode: 282

"In the Vault" (The Package Deleted Scene)

Episode: 283

The Bar Mitzvah of Robert Padnick (Easter Egg)

Episode: 284

Sein-imation "The Del Boca Vista Express"

Episode: 285

Inside Looks (on The Fatigues)

Episode: 287

Inside Looks (on The Chicken Roaster)

Episode: 288

Inside Looks (on The Abstinence)

Episode: 289

"In the Vault" (The Fatigues Deleted Scene)

Episode: 291

"In the Vault" (The Chicken Roaster Deleted Scenes)

Episode: 292

"In the Vault" (The Little Jerry Deleted Scene)

Episode: 293

"The Bench" Life Before Seinfeld (Easter Egg)

Episode: 294

Sein-imation "Pinky Toe's Wild Ride"

Episode: 295

Inside Looks (on The Comeback)

Episode: 297

Inside Looks (on The Money)

Episode: 298

Inside Looks (on The Van Buren Boys)

Episode: 299

Inside Looks (on The Pothole)

Episode: 300

"In the Vault" (The Comeback Deleted Scenes)

Episode: 302

"In the Vault" (The Money Deleted Scene)

Episode: 303

"In the Vault" (The Van Buren Boys Deleted Scenes)

Episode: 304

"In the Vault" (The English Patient Deleted Scenes)

Episode: 305

"Not That There's Anything Wrong With That" (Bloopers)

Episode: 306

Inside Looks (on The Nap)

Episode: 308

Inside Looks (on The Yada Yada)

Episode: 309

Inside Looks (on The Muffin Tops)

Episode: 310

Inside Looks (on The Summer of George)

Episode: 311

"In the Vault" (The Nap Deleted Scenes)

Episode: 313

"In the Vault" (The Yada Yada Deleted Scene)

Episode: 314

"In the Vault" (The Millennium Deleted Scenes)

Episode: 315

"In the Vault" (The Muffin Tops Deleted Scene)

Episode: 316

"In the Vault" (The Summer of George Deleted Scene)

Episode: 317

The Last Lap

Episode: 318

Sein-imation "The Voice of Thee"

Episode: 319

Inside Looks (on The Butter Shave)

Episode: 321

Inside Looks (on The Voice)

Episode: 322

Inside Looks (on The Junk Mail)

Episode: 323

Inside Looks (on The Merv Griffin Show)

Episode: 324

"In the Vault" (The Butter Shave Deleted Scene)

Episode: 326

"In the Vault" (The Voice Deleted Scene)

Episode: 327

"In the Vault" (The Blood Deleted Scenes)

Episode: 328

"In the Vault" (The Junk Mail Deleted Scenes)

Episode: 329

The Blood with Pete Papinickolas Scene 1 (Easter Egg)

Episode: 330

The Blood with Pete Papinickolas Scene 2 (Easter Egg)

Episode: 331

Sein-imation "The Waiting Game"

Episode: 333

Inside Looks (on The Betrayal)

Episode: 335

Inside Looks (on The Strike)

Episode: 336

"In the Vault" (The Betrayal Deleted Scenes)

Episode: 338

"In the Vault" (The Strike Deleted Scene)

Episode: 339

"In the Vault" (The Dealership Deleted Scene)

Episode: 340

"In the Vault" (The Reverse Deleted Scene)

Episode: 341

Sein-imation "Circus Or Zoo?"

Episode: 342

"Not That There's Anything Wrong With That" (Bloopers)

Episode: 343

Inside Looks (on The Bookstore)

Episode: 345

Inside Looks (on The Frogger)

Episode: 346

"In the Vault" (The Cartoon Deleted Scenes)

Episode: 348

"In the Vault" (The Wizard Deleted Scene)

Episode: 349

"In the Vault" (The Burning Deleted Scenes)

Episode: 350

"In the Vault" (The Bookstore Deleted Scene)

Episode: 351

"In the Vault" (The Frogger Deleted Scenes)

Episode: 352

The Cartoon (Easter Egg)

Episode: 353

Scenes from The Roundtable

Episode: 354

Inside Look: The Puerto Rican Day

Episode: 355

"In the Vault" (The Maid Deleted Scene)

Episode: 357

"In the Vault" (The Finale Deleted Scenes)

Episode: 358

"In the Vault" (The Finale Alternate Ending)

Episode: 359

Sein-imation "Conquering The Van Wyck" (Easter Egg)

Episode: 361

The Roundtable: The Cast of Seinfeld and Larry David (Part 1)

Episode: 363

The Roundtable: The Cast of Seinfeld and Larry David (Part 2)

Episode: 364

Reunion Special

Episode: 365

25 Things You Didn't Know About Seinfeld

Episode: 366

The Seinfeld Story

Episode: 367

Seinfeld Beginnings

Episode: 369

Season 1 ( 1989-07-05)

The Seinfeld Chronicles

Episode: 1

The Stake Out

Episode: 2

The Robbery

Episode: 3

Male Unbonding

Episode: 4

The Stock Tip

Episode: 5

Season 2 ( 1991-01-23)

The Ex-Girlfriend

Episode: 1

The Pony Remark

Episode: 2

The Jacket

Episode: 3

The Phone Message

Episode: 4

The Apartment

Episode: 5

The Statue

Episode: 6

The Revenge

Episode: 7

The Heart Attack

Episode: 8

The Deal

Episode: 9

The Baby Shower

Episode: 10

The Chinese Restaurant

Episode: 11

The Busboy

Episode: 12

Season 3 ( 1991-09-18)

The Note

Episode: 1

The Truth

Episode: 2

The Pen

Episode: 3

The Dog

Episode: 4

The Library

Episode: 5

The Parking Garage

Episode: 6

The Cafe

Episode: 7

The Tape

Episode: 8

The Nose Job

Episode: 9

The Stranded

Episode: 10

The Alternate Side

Episode: 11

The Red Dot

Episode: 12

The Subway

Episode: 13

The Pez Dispenser

Episode: 14

The Suicide

Episode: 15

The Fix-Up

Episode: 16

The Boyfriend (1)

Episode: 17

The Boyfriend (2)

Episode: 18

The Limo

Episode: 19

The Good Samaritan

Episode: 20

The Letter

Episode: 21

The Parking Space

Episode: 22

The Keys

Episode: 23

Season 4 ( 1992-08-12)

The Trip (1)

Episode: 1

The Trip (2)

Episode: 2

The Pitch

Episode: 3

The Ticket

Episode: 4

The Wallet

Episode: 5

The Watch

Episode: 6

The Bubble Boy

Episode: 7

The Cheever Letters

Episode: 8

The Opera

Episode: 9

The Virgin

Episode: 10

The Contest

Episode: 11

The Airport

Episode: 12

The Pick

Episode: 13

The Movie

Episode: 14

The Visa

Episode: 15

The Shoes

Episode: 16

The Outing

Episode: 17

The Old Man

Episode: 18

The Implant

Episode: 19

The Junior Mint

Episode: 20

The Smelly Car

Episode: 21

The Handicap Spot

Episode: 22

The Pilot (1)

Episode: 23

The Pilot (2)

Episode: 24

Season 5 ( 1993-09-16)

The Mango

Episode: 1

The Puffy Shirt

Episode: 2

The Glasses

Episode: 3

The Sniffing Accountant

Episode: 4

The Bris

Episode: 5

The Lip Reader

Episode: 6

The Non-Fat Yogurt

Episode: 7

The Barber

Episode: 8

The Masseuse

Episode: 9

The Cigar Store Indian

Episode: 10

The Conversion

Episode: 11

The Stall

Episode: 12

The Dinner Party

Episode: 13

The Marine Biologist

Episode: 14

The Pie

Episode: 15

The Stand-In

Episode: 16

The Wife

Episode: 17

The Raincoats (1)

Episode: 18

The Raincoats (2)

Episode: 19

The Fire

Episode: 20

The Hamptons

Episode: 21

The Opposite

Episode: 22

Season 6 ( 1994-09-22)

The Chaperone

Episode: 1

The Big Salad

Episode: 2

The Pledge Drive

Episode: 3

The Chinese Woman

Episode: 4

The Couch

Episode: 5

The Gymnast

Episode: 6

The Soup

Episode: 7

The Mom & Pop Store

Episode: 8

The Secretary

Episode: 9

The Race

Episode: 10

The Switch

Episode: 11

The Label Maker

Episode: 12

The Scofflaw

Episode: 13

The Highlights of 100 (1)

Episode: 14

The Highlights of 100 (2)

Episode: 15

The Beard

Episode: 16

The Kiss Hello

Episode: 17

The Doorman

Episode: 18

The Jimmy

Episode: 19

The Doodle

Episode: 20

The Fusilli Jerry

Episode: 21

The Diplomat's Club

Episode: 22

The Face Painter

Episode: 23

The Understudy

Episode: 24

Season 7 ( 1995-09-21)

The Engagement

Episode: 1

The Postponement

Episode: 2

The Maestro

Episode: 3

The Wink

Episode: 4

The Hot Tub

Episode: 5

The Soup Nazi

Episode: 6

The Secret Code

Episode: 7

The Pool Guy

Episode: 8

The Sponge

Episode: 9

The Gum

Episode: 10

The Rye

Episode: 11

The Caddy

Episode: 12

The Seven

Episode: 13

The Cadillac (1)

Episode: 14

The Cadillac (2)

Episode: 15

The Shower Head

Episode: 16

The Doll

Episode: 17

The Friars Club

Episode: 18

The Wig Master

Episode: 19

The Calzone

Episode: 20

The Bottle Deposit (1)

Episode: 21

The Bottle Deposit (2)

Episode: 22

The Wait Out

Episode: 23

The Invitations

Episode: 24

Season 8 ( 1996-09-19)

The Foundation

Episode: 1

The Soul Mate

Episode: 2

The Bizarro Jerry

Episode: 3

The Little Kicks

Episode: 4

The Package

Episode: 5

The Fatigues

Episode: 6

The Checks

Episode: 7

The Chicken Roaster

Episode: 8

The Abstinence

Episode: 9

The Andrea Doria

Episode: 10

The Little Jerry

Episode: 11

The Money

Episode: 12

The Comeback

Episode: 13

The Van Buren Boys

Episode: 14

The Susie

Episode: 15

The Pothole

Episode: 16

The English Patient

Episode: 17

The Nap

Episode: 18

The Yada Yada

Episode: 19

The Millennium

Episode: 20

The Muffin Tops

Episode: 21

The Summer of George

Episode: 22

Season 9 ( 1997-09-25)

The Butter Shave

Episode: 1

The Voice

Episode: 2

The Serenity Now

Episode: 3

The Blood

Episode: 4

The Junk Mail

Episode: 5

The Merv Griffin Show

Episode: 6

The Slicer

Episode: 7

The Betrayal

Episode: 8

The Apology

Episode: 9

The Strike

Episode: 10

The Dealership

Episode: 11

The Reverse Peephole

Episode: 12

The Cartoon

Episode: 13

The Strong Box

Episode: 14

The Wizard

Episode: 15

The Burning

Episode: 16

The Bookstore

Episode: 17

The Frogger

Episode: 18

The Maid

Episode: 19

The Puerto Rican Day

Episode: 20

The Chronicle (1)

Episode: 21

The Chronicle (2)

Episode: 22

The Finale (1)

Episode: 23

The Finale (2)

Episode: 24
Jul 05, 1989 (en)
[22] Min
  • First Air Date Jul 05, 1989
  • Production
    Castle Rock Entertainment, West/Shapiro Productions, Fred Barron Productions, Giggling Goose Productions
  • Rotten tomato 83%
Original Title Seinfeld

A show about nothing.


A stand-up comedian and his three offbeat friends weather the pitfalls and payoffs of life in New York City in the '90s. It's a show about nothing.

  1. Music Supervisor

  2. Tim Kaiser, Carol Leifer, Nancy Sprow, Gregg Kavet, Andy Ackerman, Jennifer Crittenden, David Mandel, Tom Gammill, Elaine Pope, Steve Koren, Larry Charles, Suzy Mamann Greenberg, Tom Cherones, Andy Robin, Spike Feresten, Marjorie Gross, Peter Mehlman, Joan Van Horn, Max Pross