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William Banks is the savior of Car World. On October 14th, 2018, he had sex with Quuarux, a Worm phased into his car, who was traveling from an alien planet in our universe and passing through Earth World to cross the Bridge to Car World. He came inside of them. The next day, William began dating the First Mechanic, his halfling daughter born of Quuarux whose true identity was still a secret to him at the time. After they broke up, William was abducted and taken to Car World where he lived for 10 years. There, he experienced the glory of Kingmoon, the treachery of exile, and both Gas Wars. Now, William Banks has returned to Earth World with a mission. The Bridgekeeper demands he gather 12 Apostles complete with Tat Pass to return to Car World. William must comply if he wishes to lead the Attendants Revolution against Quuarux and restore a third Cartopia. Including Director Russell Katz (Head Propagator & Dramatician of the movement), William has gathered 6 Apostles thus far, with his Fiancé-Wife pledged to receive Tat Pass on the alter on October 13th, 2028.