Niti Chaichitathorn 10/07/1981 , (42 years old) in Bangkok, Thailand

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Niti Chaichitathorn, nicknamed Pompam, is an television host, creative, producer and actor best known for co-hosting the lifestyle travel show 'Toey Tiew Thai' and hosting the late-night 'Talk with Toey'. Niti graduated from Chulalongkorn University's Faculty of Arts, majoring in Pali and Sanskrit. He was the only student in the entire class who studied under this major. Previously, worked as a creative producer of 'Five Live' and is currently working as a producer and MC of TV programs 'Toey Tiew Thai' and 'Talk Ka Toey'. Apart from that, he is also an assistant manager of TV show productions at GMM TV, such as also an actor under the company. As a writer, Pompam published a pocket book called 'MaNgumMaNgaRha'. He is openly gay, and both 'Toey Tiew Thai' and 'Talk with Toey' heavily feature queer-related themes (the titles are a play on the word kathoey 'ladyboy'). He has also had various acting roles in films and television series. Furthermore, he won Best Entertainment Presenter/Host at the 22nd Asian Television Awards, for 'Talk with Toey', in 2017.