Kevin Hanchard 07/04/1974 , (47 years old) in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Known for department



Kevin Hanchard is a Canadian stage and screen actor, best known for his roles as Detective Arthur "Art" Bell in the television series "Orphan Black" and as Inspector Sematimba in "The Expanse".

poster The Expanse (2015)

Inspector Sematimba

poster The Strain (2014)

Curtis Fitzwilliam

poster Orphan Black (2013)

Detective Arthur "Art" Bell

poster Wish Upon (2017)

Carl Morris

poster Hudson & Rex (2019)

Joseph Donovan

poster Hemlock Grove (2013)

Federal Agent Morgan

poster Wayne (2019)

Sergeant Randall

poster Tin Star (2017)

Rev. Gregoire

poster Dream House (2011)

Sgt. Johnson (uncredited)

poster Rabid (2019)

Dr. Riley

poster Born to Be Blue (2015)

Dizzy Gillespie

poster The Detail (2018)

Thomas Williams

poster Lucky 7 (2013)

Hank Langley

poster Guidance (2014)

Principal Newman

poster Hendrix (2000)

Little Richard

poster The Stepchild (2016)

Police Officer

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