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'Jungle's Law' eight satisfied with the bottle began to live in earnest

Kim Sung - man, singer Gangnam, money spike, actor Kim Sung - soo, actor Kim Sung - soo, model Moon Gabby, speed skater Lee Soo - hwa and short track player Kwak Yun - ki have challenged the survival of the jungle in SBS 'Jungle' s Law in the last Indian Ocean. 


On this day, the sickness satisfaction rose to the tree house which Kim Byeong - man made for the wild elephant. Kwak Yoon-gi was amazed, "Did you really make it?", And Donsteak admired it as "an art work." Kim said, "Here the trees are densely high so they can not break."

But eight of them were cramped, and Kim said, "It would be all right if I hit a fence with a log on the ground." 

Kim Sung - soo discovered two wild elephants across the lake. Gangnam said, "I heard that wild elephants could show up, but I did not know that it would appear suddenly." Kwak Yun-gi said, "I thought it was a cute cartoon character like a baby elephant dumbo. . 

Seungwoon Jung, Gangnam, Kwak Yoon-gi, Moon Gaby, and Kim Sung-soo began to search around. Kim Byeong-man, Don Spike, and Lee Sang-hwa started making camouflage houses. Kim said, "The elephant is not good at sight, so I will stop it with a thorny vine.

Then, Lee Sang-hwa showed off the supporting legs with thighs and moved the branches to build the house. Kim Byeong-man admits, "It's definitely a stable thing for players to do." 

At night, the illness of the fire burned to prepare for the wild elephant. Kim Byeong-man started making bullets, and helped by Jeong Se-woon and Lee Sang-hwa. 


Lee Sanghwa said, "It has been a few days since I have been there for a week now," he said. So, Sung-woon said, "I have to go well with my sister's body care." Lee Sang-hwa said, "I want to learn dancing. I want to be beautiful." 

Since then, Don Spike has been cooking with Jackfruit, which is the idealizer. On the second day, illness satisfaction, which was an empty stomach, laughed at the dish, but laughed, saying, "I do not taste anything. It's a mixture of onion and radish." However, Jeong Syeun-woon said, "My mouth did not have a lot of gold, it was sweet and I was excited to experience it."

After the meal, Lee Sanghwa, Seoseun Woon, and Kwak Yoon-gi searched around the survival area to catch bait in the catch. Idealization took a series of worms to use as a bait and made everyone admire.

The 'Jungle's Law' illness satisfaction prepared for the raid of wild elephants.

On the 12th, SBS entertainment 'Jungle's Law in the Last Indian Ocean' (hereinafter 'Jungle's Law') was portrayed as the second aspect of the illness of coexistence with wild elephants.

On this day, the dissatisfaction of the illness hastened the exploration to avoid the approaching wild elephant, but could not obtain food. The only food to eat is the 'Jackfruit' fruit that Lee Sanghwa won the day before. Don Spike showed Jack Fruit flesh and skillful chef.

The members ate the roasted jackfruit. Moon Gaby was amazed that he was "totally sweet potatoes" and Kim Byeong - man liked it as "a texture like turban", but it was not enough to appease the two - day fasting.

So, Kim Byeong-man made out his own catch and prepared for fish hunting. He told the members that he had to catch bait for bait. Soon - Hwa, Kwak, Yun - gi and Sung - woon left to catch the bug.

Lee Sang-hwa liked that he liked the moonlight. Then he caught a pair of fingers and a fingernail with his bare hands. Sung-woon said to Lee Sang-hwa, "My sister seems to catch a lot." The three men quickly caught the worm and handed the bait to the patriarch. Kim banked the insects in the onion net and put them in the trap, and the members moved to a point where they had many fish.

In other words, Lee Sang-hwa and Sung-eun began to deeply converse with each other in two days of life. Lee Sang-hwa first asked her, "Did not you catch a cold?", And Sung-woon asked her, "Is your sister okay?" Lee Sanghwa "I want to learn dance. Then, if the state is not beautiful, "said Jeong Syeun-woon," It's more beautiful. " Kwak Yoon-gi, who was seated on the floor, showed a care about the two people, and a subtle pink atmosphere was formed.

Before bedtime, Moon Gaby and Lee Sukhwa performed late-night fitness training. The members followed the squat movement taught by Moon Gaby and Ideal. Money Spike, who saw it, smiled and laughed, saying, "Why not?"

At that time, local experts announced a dangerous situation, "I think there are 5 or 6 elephants nearby." The crew hastily lighted up using the elephant's characteristics of scaring the fire. Members were nervous when they were at risk of wild elephants not knowing when. Satisfaction of the disease and Moongabi eventually voluntarily stood guard and survived the wild.

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