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SBS’s new drama “The Last Empress” has released stills of Choi Jin Hyuk’s character undergoing training to become an imperial bodyguard.

The SBS new drama "The Empress of the Dimension" (play Kim Soon-ok / director Dong-min Dong / production SM Life Design Group) will be broadcasted on November 21st, 2011, under the assumption that the present day is the constitutional monarchy era in 2018, It contains an intriguing story of intrigue, introspection, love, desire, and revenge in it. Jangnara, who has a strong acting ability, Choi Jin-hyuk, Shin Sung-rok, Shin Eun-kyung and Lee Elijah will lead an exciting and intriguing story in the Imperial Imperial Palace. 

Choi Jin-hyeok, who will move to the 'Imperial Guard', Nawang-sik, is showing off the scene of concentrating on bodyguards training starting from Kubo. In the play, the imperial guard Nawang is wearing black color training pants, sleeveless T-shirts and sneakers with imperial motifs engraved on it. Choi Jin-hyeok in the all-black costume is shining with a shining shoulder and sharp eyes. 


The "hard training training" scene of Choi Jin-hyuk was shot at Chungcheongnam-do. Choi Jin-hyeok, wearing a sleeveless T-shirt without any hesitation in the chilly autumn weather, co-directed with the actors who were filming, Especially, shooting started and it was not long before sudden heavy rains came and the shooting was stopped for a while. Choi Jin-hyuk joked that "I'm going to stock up my stamina until the rain stops", encouraging the staff and making the scene warm.

In the meantime, Choi Jin-hyuk has been preparing for a solid physical strength every time he takes time for the imperial prison guard Nawang-sik. Because of the nature of the job as a bodyguard in the play, there are many action scenes, and when there is an action scene, I visit Action School in advance and try to match the action sum. 

The production team said, "Choi Jin-hyuk is trying hard to realize the perfect setting of the imperial performance as an imperial guard," said Choi Jin-hyeok's unusual enthusiasm in any sequence, It is becoming a solid foundation for the completion of the project. " 

On the other hand, SBS new drama 'The Empress of the Empress' is the first time that the writer Kim Soon-ok, who is a hit maker, and PD, a provincial minister, The new SBS drama 'The quality of the Empress' is expected to be broadcast on Wednesday, November 21, following 'Thoracic Surgery'.