Stephanie Young Hwang(born August 1, 1989), known professionally asTiffanyorTiffany Hwang, is an American singer and actress based in South Korea . She is a member of South Korean girl group Girls' Generation and its subgroup TTS .Tiffany made her solo debut with release first mini albumI Just Wanna Danceon May 11, 2016.

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 Tiffany's Early life

and joined the company on October 2004 in Los Angeles at age 15.

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 Tiffany's Music career

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Tiffany and fellow Girls' Generation members Taeyeon and Seohyun formed a subgroup called Girls' Generation-TTS in 2012, releasingTwinklein 2012 andHollerin 2014.

. Her collaborations include "Oppa Nappa" and "It's Fantastic" with fellow Girls' Generation members Jessica and Seohyun,"A Girl, Meets Love" with K.Will ,"Oh! My Love to You" with bandmate Sooyoung and The Blue,and "Rise and Shine" with Super Junior 's Kyuhyun for the SBS'sTo The Beautiful You.

.The album's title song won first place in the week following its release on two music programs,The ShowandShow Champion. Her first solo concert titled "Weekend", part of the concert series The AGIT by S.M. Entertainment artists, is set to be held in June 2016.

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 Tiffany's Acting and television career

2012 F/W Seoul Fashion Week

. They left the show in July 2010 to focus on Girls’ Generation's debut in Japan,but came back in October 2011. Yuri, however, left the show again in January 2012 and Tiffany started co-hosting alongside two other Girls' Generation members, Taeyeon and Seohyun , until April 2013.They gave their farewell to the show by performing TTS's " Goodbye, Hello " as a special stage.

In September 2013, Tiffany participated in the SBS's variety showFashion King Koreawith partner Ji Il-geun, ending up in 3rd place.

Sister's Slam Dunk, alongside actress Min Hyo-rin , Lucky J's Jessi, and veteran actress Ra Mi-ran .

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 Tiffany's Personal life

While treatment has been successful, Tiffany has stated that her current voice is different from her voice previous to contracting vocal nodules, although it is not necessarily something she views as a bad thing.

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 Tiffany's Discography

 Tiffany's Concerts

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